Job Seeker Features

Job Seeker Features
  • Effective Job Search
  • Easy Job Browsing and Viewing
  • Job Alerts
  • Private Messaging and Notifications
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Refer and Get paid
  • NEW FEATURE - invite Feedback from past employment etc.
  • Resume Posting
  • Video Resume upload
  • Online Application
NEW FEATURE - Invite Feedback from past employment etc.

Send an invite Feedback to a past employer and or respected peer etc. This will allow them to give feedback on your Attendance, Skills, Communication, Cooperation and Quality of Work. This is an invitation only feature in your account.

Resume Posting

Job seekers can build resumes online by filling out a simple web form; edit, delete or deactivate posted resumes; add photos, and attach files.

Autosuggest system will help job seeker to fill the fields.

Resumes marked as anonymous will not display contact details.

"Resume visibility" option filters the visibility of a resume for selected employers.

Video Resume Upload

Job seekers can upload their video resume to be displayed within their online resume. Resume can be uploaded as a video file or embedded from YouTube.

Online Application

Job seekers are able to apply for a job online through a simple web form; specify cover letter, attach an online resume or resume file to the application.

They also can undergo a screening questionnaire (if added by a job owner).

Effective Job Search

Job seekers are provided with a possibility to search jobs by different criteria including keywords and location with radius search.

Search by company tool allows searching companies by name and location, or browsing companies by alphabet.

Interesting job searches can be saved for later review.

Job seekers can refine job search results to dynamically filter search results.

It is possible to set up RSS feeds for each saved job search.

Keywords Highlight feature highlights keywords on the search results page and on the page with listing details.

Easy Job Browsing And Viewing

Job seekers can browse jobs as standard list search results display and map view (all jobs are displayed on a map).

It is possible to save interesting jobs; add personal notes for saved jobs; add comments and ratings to the selected jobs; email jobs to friends.

Job seekers are also able to check jobs recommended by the system in "Suggested Jobs" section of their account.

"Recently Viewed Jobs" section displays recently accessed jobs.

In case a job seems to be fraud it is possible to flag job by specifying a flag reason.

Job Alerts

Job alert system will help job seekers to be updated on the latest jobs they are interested in by email. The job alerts can be set up for daily, weekly and monthly update.

Private Messaging And Notifications

Private messaging system allows job seekers to communicate with employers via web site without providing contact information.

It is possible to save contacts to a separate section of the inbox.

Notifications and reminders can be set up by job seekers to be notified on certain activities such as resume activation/expiration, product activation/expiration, new private messages, applications approval/rejection and much more.