Employer Features

Job Seeker Features
  • Screening Questionnaires
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Private Messaging and Notifications
  • Employer Sub Accounts
  • Employer Reports
Job Posting

Employers can post jobs online by filling out the simple web form; clone, edit, delete or deactivate posted jobs. Adding photos, files and videos (video file and YouTube video) is also possible.

Autosuggest system will help employers to fill the fields.

Bulk job import allows employer to import jobs from excel/csv file.

Employers are able to post jobs for a maximum allowed period or select an earlier date for a job to expire.

Effective Resume Search

Employers are able to search resumes by different criteria including keywords and location (with radius search); select between standard list search results display and map view.

It’s also possible to save resumes and resume searches; create/manage resume alerts and receive latest resumes by email.

Resumes can be downloaded in PDF file for leater review.

Employers can add personal notes for saved resumes and email resumes to friends.

Printer friendly resume details page is available.

It is possible to set up RSS feeds for each saved resume search.

Application Tracking

Employers are provided with all necessary tools to view, accept or reject applications from job seekers.

It is possible to choose between online application process and redirection to a certain URL (e.g. employer site). Employers also can set up a separate email to receive applications to.

Screening Questionnaries

An employer can create screening questionnaires to filter only relevant applicants. It is possible to add questions with different answer types (text, yes/no, single choice and multiple choice) and assign certain passing scores for each question. Once a job seeker undergoes a questionnaire during application process employer will get an average score and see whether the candidate fits to the position or not.

Promotion And Marketing

Employers can become a featured employer and have their logo displayed on the home page.

They are also welcomed to create a company profile – a special page containing company info and all company jobs.

Employer’s priority jobs will stand out above average search results marked with different color.

Featured jobs posted by an employer will appear on the main page.

Distribution of latest job postings is possible via RSS feeds.

Private Messaging And Notifications

Private messaging system allows employers to communicate with job seekers via web site without providing contact information.

It is possible to save contacts to a separate section of the inbox.

Notifications and reminders can be set up by employers to be notified on certain activities such as job activation/expiration, product activation/expiration, new private messages and much more.

Employer Sub Accounts

Employers can create sub-accounts and set up certain permissions for them. For example it’s possible to create sub-accounts with limited functionality for employers HR managers.

Employer Reports

Employers have a section in their accounts where they can track quick stats on the current number of jobs, job views and applications received. It is also possible to track general statistics per certain period (month, week, day) and specific performance data on each job.