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Contact: Darren Perris

Phone: 13000 47823 (13000 4 STAFF)


Innovative new job search Community that pays you to search for work!

brisbane, qld, 2015:


Do you want to enhance your job prospects in a revolutionary online job search and placement site, while earning money at the same time? The new job search community website, GO AND GET STAFFED, ( allows you to do exactly that!


It has never been more difficult to be a job seeker in Australia. With the new Commonwealth welfare support budget measures looming, it has become increasingly important for unemployed Aussies to be able to quickly pick themselves up and earn money again. That’s where GO AND GET STAFFED comes in – we will be waiting to help jobseekers get back on their feet.


GO AND GET STAFFED enables jobseekers – whether currently employed or not – to earn an income, whilst also enhancing their prospects of getting a job or finding that ‘dream’ job, all for FREE. The crucial difference between GO AND GET STAFFED and other job seeker websites is that jobseekers who register with us will be able to earn instant income, simply by referring potential clients to us.


Jobseekers send an invite to a businesses who they think would be interested in posting a job with us, by providing the email address of said business. If that business decides register for FREE and then pay to post a job ad on our site, the referring jobseeker will be rewarded with 50% of what that business spends on advertising with us – not just initially, but for the life of that businesses advertising contract!

"We like to look at it as giving Australians a leg up, in what are some difficult financial times currently… This way, the job seeker can start earning extra cash immediately and it will be great exposure for a social responsibility program, to assist people in earning extra” - Darren Perris, GO AND GET STAFFED Director.


To find the job of your dreams, simply build a FREE profile on our website – listing your qualifications and the type of job you are looking for – and the innovative and unique GO AND GET STAFFED system will do the rest. While you get on with life, your professional profile will be viewed by registered businesses in all areas and industries looking for talented staff. It's so easy!


GO AND GET STAFFED’s mobile apps, and business email alerts keep jobseekers notified of their progress, while pre-qualified businesses will reap the benefit of finding the workers they require – when and where they need them – without the hassle of a middleman. Combined with the benefits of our referral system, this is an interactive online community that actively works for registered members, 24/7! “Our new online community is designed to get you a new job – or a better job – whilst you’re online at home, work or on the move, and we pay you to help us make jobseeker’s dreams a reality… Our goal is to create and fill 1000 job positions throughout Australia by the end of this year" Says Perris.


Regardless of age, previous work history or education qualifications, we allow anyone able to access an internet connection the ability to earn an income, while they hunt down that dream job. The GO AND GET STAFFED is now live, allowing people to post job ads, resumes and earn an extra income with their FREE Profiles.


The team behind GO AND GET STAFFED would like to invite you to be one of the first to report on this innovative and versatile project – a culmination of seven years of development.


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