Online HR Assistant

Are you looking to streamline your hiring and recruitment process?

The team at Go and Get Staffed can offer you the perfect solution and we’re waiting to relieve you of your recruiting needs. Our expert virtual hiring and recruitment staff make the hiring procedure a breeze. By contacting employment agencies, assembling resumes and even sourcing the most qualified applicants for you to interview, we take all the hassle and time wasting out of obtaining your ideal staff ‐ all you need to do is decide which candidates match your needs and organise the interviews.


How we can save you time and money!

  • Starting from only $15 per hour (plus GST), you’ll receive your own professional and reliable virtual assistant.
  • Hiring a virtual assistant eliminates the stresses that are involved with hiring an office-based assistant, such as payroll, worker's compensation, superannuation, leave, expenses in training and other office equipment.
  • Imagine only paying for work that has actually been undertaken ‐ why pay for an eight-hour day when you only need two hours of work completed? Our part-time virtual assistant’s only work the hours needed!
  • With our no contract policy, all that is required is an agreement on price. Your assistant can be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice, leaving your business safe, secure and free!

With the freedom of working from home comes a more productive worker!

No more wasted dollars on unproductive work time, overextended lunch or smoko breaks and other office shenanigans! These are all issues that you won’t have to concern yourself with when hiring a virtual assistant. When you hire through us, you can rest easy knowing that the structures and guideline we have put into place ensure a mutually beneficial working relationship between you and your assistant. All our staff are monitored, must adhere to strict guidelines and are required to give hourly reports on their progress.

Quick and easy process

Our highly qualified Virtual Assistants are carefully screened and selected based on their ability to cater to the needs of almost any client. Once you have completed the Work Enquiry Form, we will generate a list of two to three qualified assistants who meet all of your requirements and fit with your business. Once you have selected which Virtual Assistant you’d like, they are able to start immediately. The entire process takes as little as 24-72 hours; it’s as simple as that!

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